Monday, December 9, 2013

Countdown to Christmas 2013 ~ Days 6,7, & 8

Why does this time of year FLY by??

We're just over two weeks away from Christmas!!

We're having so much fun with our countdown
{a few meltdowns, a couple bad attitudes . . . but that just seems par for the course this time of year.
Too much excitement, maybe?}


Friday was spent making Gingerbread men.

And when I say we spent that day making them, I pretty much mean that it turned into an all day event ;)


Turns out Kam and Tay LOVE decorating the little guys.

In the end, we had a bunch of cute little Gingerbread men, and the mess?  It was nothing that a broom, mop, and shower couldn't clean up :)

We also got a tiny little dusting of snow.
And the temps have been in the teens and below . . . BRRRR!

On Saturday we went down to the church for the Hanging of the Greens.
We couldn't set to work without Chili in our bellies ;)

And yesterday, after church, we decorated at Grandma and Grandpa's


We've got a busy week ahead of us!
What's on your calendar?
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Jenny said...

Oops, I missed this post. How fun! I love all of the pics. Taylor has gotten so big. The gingerbread men are so cute.

Caseybumpinalong said...

Love these captures! Looks like you're having a fun holiday season. Mine are flying by faster than I can think. I haven't even blogged Thanksgiving yet.

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