Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Countdown to Christmas 2013 ~ Days 2&3

Our second day of Countdown to Christmas found us making
stockings and gifts for our American Girl dolls.


Wrapping the present was Kam's favorite :)
{P.S., we made our dollies some pretty hair ties}


Though she liked sparkling up her stocking quite a bit.



~~~ ♥ ~~~ ♥ ~~~ ♥ ~~~ ♥ ~~~

Day 3 . . . We got our TREE!
You can't really imagine the excitement.
Us girls LOVE getting our tree.


Even Daddy gets a kick out of finding the "perfect" tree. 
Oh look at this short, chubby one. We'll call it a Mama tree. 

Real cute.


Finally, finally.
We decided on the perfect one.

And Miss Kam found the perfect shavings to make a wish on ;)



This tree . . . is huge.


And then we hauled it home!

Don't worry, the girls were tucked safely in the van ;)
The tree rode in the truck.


Then came the decorating. 
Poor Miss Kam waited, and waited, and waited while we strung the lights.
But in the end, it was worth the wait!
She decorated like it was going out of style!

Today we are making snowflake decorations
{pretty appropriate as we woke up to 17* weather this morning.  BRR!}

What are you all up to?

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Sarah Shumate said...

You, chubby?!?! Ummm, no.

On our way home from school, Lex and I pass by a guy selling these little bitty Christmas trees and at first I thought it was funny, wondering who buys such a small Christmas tree. And then I realized, EVERYONE here does because our houses aren't big enough for the regular sized ones! :o)

Jenny said...

Uh, you are NOT chubby!

What fun pics. The tree is beautiful!

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